Following a successful weekend at Bodypower, SmartShake has officially launched its Signature Series range of athlete endorsed products.

The Signature Series features 3 different designs under the name of some of the biggest athletes in the bodybuilding and fitness industry – Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman.

The shaker bottles have an 800ml capacity, a snap-on power mixer, and two storage compartments one of which has an organiser insert. As with all SmartShakes, the Signature range is leak proof, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and microwave safe and is BPA and DEHP free. With stylish colours and a sleek design, the SmartShake Signature range is sure to help any fitness enthusiast stand out in the crowd and perform at their best.

Known as the World’s smartest shaker, the SmartShake offers the perfect solution to those wanting to carry their supplements or proteins in liquid, powder or tablet form and is used widely to conveniently carry other items such as keys, food and even headphones!


Phil Heath adds his name to a sultry black and red SmartShake. Heath, a former basketball player, entered his first competition in 2003 after ending his career playing for the University of Denver Pioneers. Heath is nicknamed ‘The Gift”, and is 4 x Mr Olympia champion.

“I truly feel SmartShake’s design makes it the best shaker around. Its multiple compartments keep me organised. Now I don’t need to carry any extra powders and vitamins in plastic bags or tubs. There’s now no excuse to miss a pre/post workout shake” said Phil.


Jay Cutler is an IFBB professional bodybuilder who started his competition career at just 19. He won his first ‘O’ (the Mr Olympia Title) in 2006. He has won it four times since and lends his name to a stunning purple and black SmartShake.

“SmartShake is one of the best innovations I have seen in the bodybuilding industry and is perfect to bring to work and take with me on trips” said Jay.


The Ronnie Coleman SmartShake most definitely stands out from the crowd and rightly so! Coleman holds the record for having the most wins of any IFBB professional – 26! The former police officer is also 8 x Mr Olympia champion.


Managing Director Claire Harper said “We are delighted to be able to introduce the SmartShake Signature Series to the UK and to have launched the new designs at BodyPower. We have enjoyed a great response to the new designs from both new and existing SmartShake users”.


The SmartShake Signature Series joins the existing ‘original’ and ‘slim’ lines which have proved extremely popular in the fitness, sport and fashion world, used by a host of people including Team GB athletes as well as appearing at this spring’s London Fashion Week.


SmartShake Signatures are available to purchase from the website and


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