SmartShake is a strong and established brand in the retail industry with distributors and resellers in more than 60 countries around the world.



– I’ve heard that what I’ve done is incredible; in a short period of time I’ve turned an idea into a global brand selling in 60 countries World Wide.  I’m glad my journey has inspired others.  If I, who had very little start up capital with no specific education or former experience, could succeed then anybody can.

From the start Mikael Bergström was focused on technology.
– I wanted to understand how these gadgets worked, and I began to disasseble things like my mother’s vacuum cleaner. However, I was not always the one putting them back together again. This interest led to engineering studies, but they were abandoned when Mikael Bergström started his company and began building videogame consoles. He also imported baby monitors from China and rebuilt the with imported TV screens.

Leak-proof shaker

In 2008 Mikael Bergström began to exercise, which brought an increased focus on his diet. Michael began a nutrition program with daily servings of extra protein and vitamins, which prepared in small plastic bags.

– One morning I ran out of bags, so I placed my protein powder and water in
the largest shaker I could find, took the car to work, shook the shaker and heard the sound of a lid open. I looked in the back mirror and saw how the protein shake was all over the back seat. There and then the idea of SmartShake was born.
Mikael Bergström contacted ALMI (a Swedish governmental support for new companies),
a friend did the 3D drawings and he used Google to find a factory.

The shaker was supposed to be launched on a bodybuilding and fitness exhibition in December 2009. The factory promised to deliver the order in time to start the fair.

While the factory produced molds Michael tried to sell the concept to Swedish
– The first time was tough. Purchasers were skeptical to pay triple the price for my quality shaker because traditional shakers were cheap and consumers used to get shakers for free when buying protein powder. Close to the launching the factory called and said the products wouldn’t be ready in time.
– It was the worst thing that could happen. I had gone all in and without the revenue from the fair the company would go bankrupt. I took the first plane to China and begged for my small order. The owner of the factory saw my passion and prioritized my order.

SmartShake was a success

The fair was a success and was followed by a busy time. Mikael Bergström exhibited at fairs around the world to rapidly build distribution and brand. He created a portfolio of
IP protection, signed sponsorship agreement with the best athletes in bodybuilding and continued to develop the products. The organization grew with talented employees and offices in the United States.

– I want my team to feel the same glow as me. Therefore, employees have been awarded the opportunity to buy into the company. Today, the company has an export share of 90 percent
where the United States account for half of the sales.
– We have barely touched the surface, our objective is to grow profitably by 80 percent a year and be present in every country. We have big partners coming in and new products in the pipe, says a satisfied Mikael Bergström.