10 years of Innovation

Since 2009, we have offered athletes and gym users a leak-proof, non-toxic way to carry and prepare protein powders and shakes.

Through constant research and innovation, our company and product range has now developed to answer the needs of anyone living an active lifestyle. Today, as well as a shaker cup, our users carry their Smartshake as a lunch box, water bottle, snack box, coffee cup or whatever they can think of. Smartshake has evolved from the gym to become a great lifestyle accessory for every occasion. The only limit is your imagination.

Now available in a wide range of models, sizes, and vibrant colors. Smartshake is your ideal companion throughout the day. Just keep it by your side, and it will make your life so much easier whether you’re working, training, exploring or relaxing. Smartshake is a natural fit with today’s booming Athleisure trend, but coming from a Swedish tradition of innovation and user-centric design ensures we will never be a fad. Now available in more than 90 countries, we have quickly become one of the world’s premier shaker brands. And our journey has just begun.